Graphology has long been respected in Switzerland and taught at Bachelor and Masters level in Switzerland. However, earlier in 2013 the Hochschule für Angewandt Psychologie (HAP Zürich) decided to remove graphology teaching from its curriculum. Consequently the Schweizerischen Graphologischen Gesellschaft (SGG/SSG), which is member of the ADEG, is developing new ways of teaching towards a diploma.

Fortunately graphology is still recognized by the Swiss Professional Association of Applied-Psychologists” (Schweizer Berufsverband für angewandte Psychologie – SBAP). Since 2003 they have a separate section for “Professional Psychologists in Handwriting- Psychology” There are also other graphological societies in Switzerland, and one does not have to be member of SBAP to work as a graphologist.

The present prerequisite for acceptance as member of the section of “Handwriting-Psychologists” in the SBAP

  •     Professional or academic studies in psychology as the main subject.
  •     Graphology course accepted by the Swiss Graphological Society (still to be determined)

    Alternatively, graphological studies in parallel non-university institutes: