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Graphology came to Spain from France with Matilde Ras, who began to publish graphological portraits in the review “Por esos mundos” in 1910 and published her first book in 1917 prefaced by Crepieux-Jamin. In 1923 she obtained a fellowship to study Graphology in France with Rogues de Foursac and Streletsky. Since then, Graphology has become widespread in Spain; although it is used less by enterprises than in France. 

In 1993 it attained an official status as a labor activity in the National Registry of Economics Activities (CNAE) as an acknowledgement of the profession.

Since 2016, Forensic Graphology Experts (Documents Examiners) and Forensic Grapho-pscychologists are recognized by the Ministry of Justice, and their work is accepted (both personality analysis and handwriting expertise) as a proof within Court. In Spain, the word “graphologist” usually designates both graphologist and handwriting experts (documents examiner) activities.

Graphology has been taught in various Spanish universities since 1972. On that year, Dr. Bonifacio Piga introduced the subject in the Legal Medicine Institute studies at the “Universidad Complutense” in Madrid. Currently, Graphology is taught as part of the curriculum in some bachelor’s degrees like Criminology. In addition, Graphology is taught as a postgraduate degree (I.e. Masters and Experts), mainly due to the legal capacity Universities have in offering studies that are not regulated by the Ministry of Education. The most accepted university graphological courses are short courses, between 20 and 30 hours of learning.  Some universities also offer Summer Graphology Seminars and Workshops.

There are several Graphology associations and all offer courses and diplomas with different standards, timing, and methods.  They teach the different specialities: Graphology, Document Examiner and Graphotherapy, through classroom teaching or/and online courses.

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Private courses are also available, and there are many individual graphologists or those affiliated to different societies that give courses and lessons.

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