The IGC is international and virtual in its organisation, however if you want reassurance that we are a real organisation please see our key supporters below. If you would like to know more about the IGC or its activities please email

Founding Members

 Theodore (Ted) Barnett, USA
Monique Stirling, France and USA

Advisory Board

John Beck, UK
Adam Brand, UK
Amparo Botella, Spain
Angelika Burns (Dr), Switzerland
Tatiana de Barelli, Belgium
Maresi de Monchy, The Netherlands
Vincenza de Petrillo (Dr.), Italy 
Misha Hebel (Dr), UK – Technology Advisor
Lorraine Herbert, UK – Research & Education Advisor
Ruth Holmes, USA
Bernadette Keefe, UK – IGC Books and retired CEO
Klara Leclercq Backes, Belgium
Sarah Mooney, UK
Marie Anne Nauer (Dr) , Switzerland
Graziella Pettinati, Canada – Website controller and co-founder
Elaine Quigley, UK
Monique Riley, France
Maria-Victoria Sen Samaranch, Spain
Monique Stirling, France and USA (retired Co-director)
Lois Vaisman, USA
Dafna Yalon, Israel