From Kiyo Fujiki & Maresi de Monchy

The Dutch Order of Graphologists (Nederlandse Orde van Grafologen) was founded in 1926.

The purpose of the Order is to promote practicing graphology and representation of the importance of graphology.

The Order also provides training as a graphologist. This study lasts about four years and requires a HBO-level (higher vocational education). The student is introduced through the insights of psychology and graphology plus interactive, international and professional world of graphology. In this way the student gets an objective insight into predisposition, motives and possibilities.

Much attention is given to the development and the interpretation of contemporary handwriting. 

The Dutch Order of Graphologists (N.O.G.) will not be a private association. Those who are interested in graphology are always welcome to attend our readings and workshops.
Mail for more information to the secretary: 

March 2019