In 1995 Professor Julio Cavalli presented to the General Directorate of Education of Buenos Aires a project to recognize graphology as an autonomous discipline with its first academic program. This was approved in 1996, Argentina had the first official training programme in graphology, and consequently it is a recognized profession.
Now many institutes offer training, for example:  Centro de Estudios SuperioresEmersonICEACEBA, etc.

It is important to note that upper level study in Argentina is divided into two: technical and degree. Study of graphology is categorised as technical rather than University however, the technical level can be completed with an university articulation. Some universities have “Extension courses” without official recognition such “Universidad de la Policía Federal” or  “Universidad Católica Argentina”, both in Buenos Aires.

In 2000 an “honorary doctorate” was awarded to the Spanish graphologist Mauricio Xandró by the “Universidad Argentina de Flores” in Buenos Aires  for his life work.

January, 2019