From Graziella Pettinati & Edda Manley

There follows links to four organisations in Canada supporting graphology however activity seems minimal. There are still a few practising graphologists one of whom has just been hired as a consultant in graphology for a PhD research project (psychology and graphology).

Another supports an ongoing study group that has existed for twenty years. This group has a changing membership but usually consists of 10-15 members. Some of the members received their accreditation through AAHA, others are IGAS trained. Employment for corporate functions focuses on analyzing handwriting as an employment screening process.

Most other employment involves teaching young children to write in cursive.  The better quality private schools and most home schooled children still are taught to write in cursive.  Public schools consider it unnecessary and “old school”.  Whilst a lot of schools do not teach handwriting many local libraries are stepping into the void by providing instruction.  Even with this process it’s still not enough to make them proficient in cursive handwriting.  On the plus side some of the entries we received this year for the Cursive is Cool handwriting contest have been the most creative answers we have ever seen.  Hopefully this bodes well for future innovation.

Association des Graphologues du Québec

Institut de Psychographologie de Montréal (IPGM)

Institut Grapho-Logique

Société des spécialistes en graphologie du québec inc

March 2019