Hong Kong

Two graphologists are now expanding graphology in Hong Kong.  Both have been trained and qualified by UK organisations. 

Emily Hui   holds both the qualifying diploma and the advanced diploma of the British Academy of Graphology and is also a qualified forensic document analyst.

Maria Lam holds the qualifying diploma of the British Institute of Graphologists and is also a member of the American Handwriting Analysis Association

In October 2018  Maria Lam reported that the 8th Chinese Graphology Annual Symposium was held in Beijing.  It was a two-day conference with over 140 attendees from China, Hong Kong, Taiwan and the USA.  Interest here is on the rise in graphology as a professional career.

Graphology has gained considerable interest in the Hing Kong media in recent years. The press coverage includes TVB Finance Channel and Jade Channel, Hong Kong Economic Times, Hong Kong Economic Journal, Metro Radio, Commercial Radio, Recruit Magazine, Sudden Weekly Magazine, and PressLogic. 

In December 2017 The Metrodaily Newspaper Hong Kong launched a weekly column and invited Maria Lam, the first Chinese who qualified as graphologist from the British Institute of Graphologists, to write about graphology every week.

There are Hong Kong students taking the diploma exam from the British Institute of Graphologists.  Currently, seminar and courses are offered to the general public by Maria Lam who also provides an interesting blog on Facebook.  

HKUSPACE (The University of Hong Kong, School of Professional and Continuing Education) has recently started to offer a short course “Handwriting Analysis to Enhancing Learning and Teaching”.  Target participants are social workers, educational professionals, parents and people interested in graphology.


Go here to see paper on the Psychology of Handwriting presented at the London Confucious Institute in 2016


Interest in India is ever growing. It is the home of the International Institute of Graphology, the Institute of Graphological Research and the Kolkata Institute of Graphology among others.