“Graphology is an analysis of the psychological structure of a person based on their handwriting. It is a human science that correlates handwriting patterns with personality traits” (Carl Rodgers, 1993).

The International Graphological Colloquium  (IGC)  is a global association of professional  handwriting analysts whose expertise is used to describe the personality of individuals based on their natural handwriting.  Graphology is often described as handwriting psychology.

Our Colloquium held at Cambridge University in 2016 played host to graphologists from 70 countries, with the mutual objective of: 

  • sharing our graphological researches
  • comparing methods to find common ground in interpretive analysis
  • discussing developments towards scientific validation.

If you are contemplating becoming a professional graphologist, or if you are already qualified as one, you may be encouraged to know that this international body exists, to bring together many of the world’s leading practitioners in the field.

We welcome primarily professional graphologists and serious advanced students and interested persons from the world of psychoanalysis, personal development, education and human understanding.  Graphology has much to teach us all.

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