Handwriting Research –Validation & Quality, (2018) Edited by Yury Chernov and Marie Anne Nauer, and published by the Institute for Handwriting Sciences (IHS) Zurich, is a hardback volume consisting of 271 pages and a wealth of information on latest research techniques and findings.

It presents a wide range of in-depth research papers with their explanatory tables and handwriting samples arranged over four main Parts:-

  1. Handwriting Analysis: Scientific Status, Problems, Methods & Approach and Quality Assurance.
  2. Validation Studies in Handwriting Psychology
  3. Quality Assurance in Forensic Analysis
  4. Handwriting as Brain Activity

The book is an example of the inspiring dedication of its fifteen contributors working to find a way – using modern technologies and new methods – to scientifically validate graphology.  If graphologists wish to remain well-informed on research in our field, then this book forms part of our essential reading. Available here.

The International Manual of Graphology: Core Insights into Handwriting Analysis IGC 2013, 2nd edition 2015,  by Lorraine Herbert, Bernadette Keefe, Monique Riley, Monique Stirling–  Available from igc.books@btinternet.com  and here. 

A comprehensively colour-illustrated book with 300 handwriting examples in different languages and numerous other illustrative features.  With over 300 pages the book is set out in 5 main sections which skilfully guide the reader in the right direction showing  the core motivation behind each indicator while revealing a diverse range of varying interpretations.

Envisaged as a reference work for international graphologists and schools of graphology, this clearly-presented book combines a carefully-chosen core of handwriting indicators drawn from well-recognised international sources, combining them with current cultural and psychological advances and discoveries in neuroscience.           

All the following books can also be obtained in the UK by emailing IGC books at igc.books@btinternet.com 

  • The Application of the G. Moretti graphological system, derived from the IGC Urbino conference   by Dr Enza de Petrillo and Pr. Alessandra Millevolte. If not in the UK please e-mail your request to vincenza.depetrillo@tiscali.it 
  • Graphology Across Cultures compiled and edited by Dafna Yalon.  Available via IGC Books or directly from The British Institute of Graphologists at www.britishgraphology.org
  • The Star–Wave Test Across the Lifespan, Advances in Theory, Research and Practice, written by Dafna Yalon
  • Graphologie des Striches, was written by Esther Dosch. It was translated into both French and English by the IGC under the title of Graphologie du TraitGraphology of the Stroke and published in a bilingual edition.