Since 1994, graphology has been officially recognized by the state, as a “Profession of High Education”. In this classification there are professions that are obtained after matriculation plus higher studies, but not as high as a university degree.

In order to obtain a professional certification of “Diploma-holding Graphologist” one must pass govermental examinations. Courses are given in private institutions. There is still no academic program of graphological specialization, but there are various facultative courses in the University of National Defence and a few accredited colleges within the human resources managers’ studies.

Graphology is a common hiring tool in Hungary. Graphologists are either self-employed or employed by agencies. Their activity is regulated only by the civil privacy law and the laws of contracts. They must be responsible for the professional correctness of their reports and comply with the Code of Ethics of their society.

In May 2005 there was a congress of graphologists and questioned-documents examiners, in collaboration with the Ministry of the Interior and the National Criminological Institute.