The aim of the ABG – Association Belge de Graphologie ASBL is to promote graphology, to be a source of information for all those interested in this discipline, enriched by the exchanges it maintains with other countries. The ABG refers professional graphologists who meet the quality criteria required by the Association. It promotes schools and trainers recognized for their seriousness and teaching skills.

Courses in Belgium are given at the Institut de Graphologie – Marie Bosmans. For correspondence courses, as part of its privileged link with the French Society of Graphology, it refers to the trainers Christine Lecat-Fayard and Myriam Lepoutre-Chanel who prepare students for the SFDG exam and diploma. For any information, you can contact our association and visit our website.

Acadeg – Académie de Graphologie Graphothérapie asbl has been training professional graphomotor therapists since 2008. All the trainers, internal or external to Acadeg, are experienced professionals. Our graduates are trained to provide adjusted and effective support for children and adolescents with dysgraphia or writing difficulties.

In addition to providing solid theoretical training, we insist on practical experience, hence the importance given to traineeships. Each student must carry out 3 internships for young people with a real need for support.

To ensure that the acquisitions of the training are anchored, our students are required to carry out a final work to obtain our diploma.

Existing since 2009, the GBGT – Groupement Belge des Graphothérapeutes – is a Belgian group made up of professional graphomotor therapists recognised by their peer and wishing to promote the profession.

Each of its members has undertaken to scrupulously follow the deontological code of the GBGT.

The members  defend the GBGT quality label. This label is based on the recognised competence of its members as well as their commitment to continuous training, participation in the Education Fair, supervision of young graduates, organization of continuous training.

March 2019